DRC’s Vision and Mission

Our Vision

DRC strives to ensure a better future for Delta retirees by providing information on issues which could impact them, thereby empowering members to take action to sustain or improve their quality of life.

Our Mission


DRC is organized under and shall operate as a Delaware Corporation and as a Georgia Foreign Corporation and shall have such powers as are now or as may hereafter be granted by the respective Secretaries of State.


DRC is a non-stock organization whose membership is composed of Delta retirees, their spouses, and surviving spouses of Delta retirees. It’s mission (or purpose) is to focus on issues of common interest to support its current and future members, and other members of the community of Delta retirees, through ongoing education, effective communication, and a variety of supportive services.


Education and Information:

  • Educate members regarding retirement planning during each stage of life.
  • Monitor and educate members regarding pending government actions that could impact retirement pensions, social security benefits, etc., and support efforts to preserve and expand those benefits.
  • Monitor changes in Delta policies as they relate to Delta retirees, with the goal of keeping DRC members informed of such changes that might affect retirement plans, life/accident insurance, travel privileges or other retiree benefits, and, when feasible, seek input on any such changes.


  • Publish periodic newsletters.
  • Email or USPS mailing on timely and pertinent topics.
  • Professional website for members.

Supportive Services:

  • Maintain a staffed office to provide informational assistance and guidance to members.
  • Old Friends Locator program on website.
  • Escorted tour program.

Maintain a Positive and Professional Ongoing Dialogue with Delta Air Lines, Inc. by Seeking to:

  • Meet with Delta’s Human Resources management to gain insight into potential policy issues affecting retirees.
  • Meet periodically with Delta’s senior management.
  • Coordinate with Delta’ Legislative Affairs group in understanding potential federal and state legislative matters that could affect Delta retirees.
  • Act as liaison, as appropriate, to provide Delta with meaningful feedback from retirees regarding issues affecting DRC members and all other retirees.


2003 – DALRC organization founded in anticipation of the Delta bankruptcy.

2004 – DALRC incorporated in the state of Delaware (now called DRC).

2004 – Appointed by the bankruptcy court to the 1114 Committee to represent non-union Delta retirees.

2006 – Over 100 DALRC members visited Washington, DC to successfully lobby federal elected officials for passage of the Pension Protection Act of 2006.

2007 – Assisted Delta and active Delta employees with the successful “Keep Delta My Delta” campaign to prevent a buyout by US Airways.

2012 – Instrumental in the defeat of the Georgia Tax Relief Bill which has resulted in ongoing significant tax savings for Delta retirees.

2014 – Developed and founded the Community of Delta Retiree Organizations (CDRO) composed of all 7 Delta recognized retiree organizations.  The CDRO meets twice a year to discuss issues of importance to retirees and help refine their programs to better serve the retiree and survivor community.

2014 – Established a contact phone number and email on the DRC website that can be used to guide and assist retirees, spouses, survivors, and families of diminished or deceased retirees to contact the correct organizations and/or departments. Phone calls or emails missed after hours are always responded to within 24 hours.

2016 – Introduced the ABCs of Retirement, an ongoing program of information, references, and resources to help DRC retiree members understand and navigate through each stage of retirement.

2016 – Established a tour/travel program for members in good standing.

2017 – Assisted Delta with the Open Skies initiative.

2019 – Established the Old Friends Locator initiative for DRC members to assist in locating former colleagues from their Delta careers. 

ONGOING – Maintains a positive and professional dialogue with Delta Air Lines.