DRC’s Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We strive to ensure a better future for Delta retirees by providing information on issues which could impact them, thereby empowering members to take action to sustain or improve their quality of life.

Our Mission

The mission of DRC (formerly DALRC) is to focus on identifying, prioritizing, educating and communicating issues and developments that may impact the members of the community of retirees.  It is recognized as the primary liaison group between the Community of Delta Retirees and Delta Air Lines.

We all want a successful and secure retirement, but that requires planning and discipline.  It does not just happen automatically.  It is our firm belief that no one will stand up for Delta retirees more than other Delta retirees.  Our organization has a grass roots foundation that is dedicated to the unique needs of our retiree community.  Never forgetting our roots, we also work to foster a positive relationship with Delta Air Lines.


Founding of the DALRC organization in 2003 in anticipation of the Delta bankruptcy.

Appointed to the 1114 Committee by the bankruptcy court to represent non-union Delta retirees.

Visit to Washington, DC by over 100 DALRC members to successfully lobby federal elected officials for passage of the Pension Protection Act of 2006.

Assisted Delta and active Delta employees with the successful “Keep Delta My Delta” campaign to prevent the buyout by US Airways.

Instrumental in the defeat of the Georgia Tax Relief bill in 2012 saving Delta and all retirees thousands of dollars in income tax.

Prepared an ongoing program of information, references and resources to help members understand and navigate through each stage of retirement.

Developed and founded the Community of Delta Retiree Organizations (CDRO) in 2014 which is an organization composed of all 7 Delta recognized retiree organizations.  The CDRO meets twice a year to discuss issues of importance to retirees and help refine their programs to better serve the retiree and survivor community.

Established and published a phone number and email contact list in 2014 to guide retirees, spouses, survivors and families of diminished or deceased retirees in contacting the correct organizations and/or departments. Phone calls or emails missed after hours are always responded to within 24 hours.

Established a tour/travel program in 2016 for members in good standing.

Assisted Delta with the Open Skies initiative.

In 2019, Established the Old Friends Locator initiative for DRC members to assist in locating former colleagues from your Delta careers. 

DRC meets several times annually with Delta management to discuss retiree issues.