Why Join DRC

DRC (formerly DALRC) is an organization with a focus on issues of common interest to future and current Delta retirees.  It is led by a volunteer team of experienced Delta retirees. 

Here are some of the things we do:

  • Monitor legislative actions by federal and state governments which may impact Delta retirees and alert our members when grass-roots action may be indicated;
  • Provide planning assistance to DRC members as they enter into retirement;
  • Provide advice applicable to all stages of post-retirement life concerning such issues as financial, legal, governmental programs and lifestyle;
  • Maintain a website and publish newsletters to communicate the information described above and to provide services of help or interest to members such as the Old Friends Locator program, Delta History and Lore and current Delta news;
  • Answer emails and telephone calls to direct members to the proper source for dealing with their questions; and
  • Maintain a positive ongoing dialogue with Delta.